ANK Holdings is the true story of the American business dream.  ANK Holdings started in 2004 as a small scale outdoor accessories business.  With no previous printing experience we began on printing apparel for ourselves and other outdoors tradeshow vendors from our basement.  With a background in internet marketing and a passion for hunting and the outdoors we began growing our apparel printing business to a larger scale.  By creating our own niche apparel designs geared towards the outdoors enthusiast and were quite successful.   

We very quickly outgrew our basement already having a staff of 6 employees and moved to our first industrial building.  Using a unique marketing style and continuing to add more unique and original designs to our portfolio, growth was exponential.  Next came the addition of more product lines, equipment, and other capital investments.

A big launch point was when we began down the road of printing on Tire Covers.  Applying our marketing practices into the tire cover market again boosted us into new territory.  Another exponential growth period indeed which led us to again needing a much larger space and moved into a larger industrial building of nearly 10k square feet.  Being able to now afford better machines and creating new methods of Digital Printing for the industry our business gained another big upswing.  Growth continued as sales increased.  Holding more inventory on hand to keep up with demand and get product out quickly meant more space yet again.    More space opened our minds to even more opportunities.  

A fun and unique example is CraftBarSigns.com where we make signs on the heads (lids) of whiskey barrels.  They’re restored and prepared to print in our in-house woodshop by a team of talented craftsmen.  From there we have a variety of stock designs and custom designs to make a unique truly one-of-a-kind product we’re proud to offer.

Since we’ve added more and more Digital Printing machines to keep up with the demand, adding more staff to the team to support operations and help with growth.  Since approximately 2010 we’ve been doing some custom work but not to the true scale it could be.  The addition of some talented graphic designers, customer service team members and improved printing methods opened the doors to the world of custom products.  We have begun offering a full customization experience to our products allowing customers to create their own designs to be applied to our products.  The rise of the internet, social media, personal branding and small businesses growth coupled with our printing expertise together have given us the next ‘leg up’ in the printing industry.  

We’re excited to see what growth we find next.  We work hard and look to constant improve and innovate.  The next chapter will be very exciting indeed!